131/132 Gas Chromatograph Measures up to 16 components including hydrocarbons, CO2 , N2 and H2S


  • Ranges from 0–500 ppm to 0–100%
  • 0.5 BTU Repeatability
  • Windows®-based interface
  • Data Logging standard
  • Serial Communications: RS-232, RS-485
  • Dual 4–20 mA outputs
  • Configurable Modbus
  • 10-port Injection valve
  • Thermistor-based TCD
  • No Instrument air required
  • Dual-Stream capability and calibration


The 131/132 offers state-of-the-art electronics at a very competitive price. The 131/132 is designed to be a rugged and simple to operate platform for process measurements. The TCD and injection valve and columns utilized in the 131/132 are timeproven devices.

The electronic platform is unique to the 131/132 system and provides on-line, real-time analysis as well as a full list of configurable features for data handling, alarm functions and special functions. The Windows®-based configuration software allows the user to view recent or saved chromatograms as well as configure the analyzer for the application.

131/132 Gas Chromatograph