453-9 Explosion Proof Conductivity Transmitter

Two-Wire Conductivity Transmitter, Explosion Proof

IC CONTROLS has incorporated microprocessor technology into the two-wire transmitters. Conductivity measurement can be critical to your process and must be strictly monitored and maintained. Analyzer intelligence goes beyond measurement and control, providing the user with calibration data including sensor cell constant, range and diagnostics. Information can be communicated for trending or advanced control, even to remote locations. Ultimately, the user has superior control with a competitive advantage.

These analyzers / transmitters are 2-wire 24 VDC operated. Installation costs are less because no 115/240 VAC is needed at the transmitter field location. They require a separate 24 VDC supply and typically a 4-20 mA receiver.

The model 453-9 comes in an explosion proof barrel housing. Useful even in sewer plant environments it is always operated with the case sealed. Settings are viewed, functions tested, calibration updated without opening the housing, by use of an infra-red remote keypad. The infra-red light passes through the front viewing window to operate the transmitter, similar to the way a remote control is used to operate a TV. The remote can individually address any one of a group of units mounted together.

The model 453-9 is not just a transmitter, it is a full conductivity analyzer! You get full sensor functions, standardize (cell constant calibration) and auto range adjustment, plus independent, program-adjustable 4-20 mA zero and span. Even with old deteriorated sensors, you enjoy higher accuracy over broad conductivity ranges. This analyzer corrects for sensor condition to give corrected precision readings.

Easy Program Does What You Expect

  • Auto calibration
  • Self- and sensor diagnostics
  • Output hold during calibration
  • Reversible, programmable 4-20 mA zero and span
  • Adjustments by infra-red remote control
  • Program remembers what you were doing
  • Instant key return to sample display
  • Easy to operate without menu or manual
  • LCD displays conductivity, temperature, mA output and calibration status

Easy Maintenance

  • Reliable, separately powered and input-output isolated circuit prevents computer interface problems
  • Calculates conductivity sensor cell constant
  • Durable IP65 (Nema 4X) housing withstands hosing down. Survives acid and caustic fumes, humidity, etc.

Use Any Style of Electrode

  • Submersible
  • Flow
  • Insertion / retractable

Use Either of the Following

  • Local digital indication
  • 4-20 mA signal

Note: The Model 453-9 is 24 VDC two-wire loop-powered and requires a source of 24 VDC power somewhere in the loop.