AQUACON Process analysers


  • Reliable process analysis
  • automatic operation incl. self test and drift compensation,
  • easy operation via touchscreen,
  • adjustable limit and alarm value,
  • programmable analog output (0/4-20 mA),
  • adjustable break time between two analysis
  • external start/stop of an analysis possible,
  • low consumption of reagents and sample water,
  • no external calibration required.


Aquacon process analysers with touchscreen - for potable water, boiler water and cooling water

The new AQUACON process analyser series consists of a control unit with touchscreen and an analysis unit with measuring chamber, valve, dosing pumps and all required tube connections.The control unit with a microprocessor takes care for the automatic procedure of analysis. The analysis results can be used for the monitoring/control of a supervised process. Aquacon analysers are available for several parameters of the water analytic.